Why Dive With Scuba Dive Dominican?

Scuba Dive Dominican and its staff are passionate about scuba diving and preserving the abundant resources that make diving in Dominican Republic unique.  By providing a safe, professional & fun environment we intend to raise the level of diver education and awareness. By strictly adhering to the protocols of our affiliated dive organizations and sharing our love of the underwater world we intend to provide enriching experiences for seasoned divers and open the eyes of new divers to an amazing new world.

Small Groups

When you choose Scuba Dive Dominican as your scuba diving provider in Punta Cana, you are choosing a shop which understands the value of diving in small groups. Our boat is designed to carry a maximum of 8 customers. In small groups you are sure to have a better experience underwater as well as on the surface intervals while aboard our purpose built dive vessel.

Safety Is Our Priority

While we are a brand new dive shop, we have very experienced staff working for us who understand what it takes to keep our customers as safe as possible. We have safety systems and procedures in place in the unlikely event that an accident does occur while diving. We are one of only a few shops in the Dominican which have emergency oxygen on the boat with us at all times.

Beautiful Dive Vessel. Like New Rental Gear.

 At Scuba Dive Dominican, we have and maintain a purpose built dive vessel which offers you the maximum degree of comfort while preparing for your dives, entering and exiting the water, as well as during your surface intervals. Our captain is a local Dominican who has been navigating the waters around Punta Cana for several years. Being a new shop, we have also got top quality rental equipment in like new condition. We maintain all of our equipment as well as our tanks to the manufacturers specifications.

computer diving dominican republic

Dive Off Your Computer

We understand that standard dive tables are quite restrictive when it comes to diving. The fact is that all dives are done at multi-levels which make the maximum bottom times be significantly different between tables and modern dive computers. If you are diving with a computer we fully support letting your computer as well as your air supply decide the length of your dive.