Punta Cana

Scuba diving in Punta Cana offers a wonderful array of dive sites that include beautiful coral gardens, light beam-filled caverns, underwater passageways and brag-worthy wrecks, both natural and purpose-sunk. When diving Punta Cana you can expect to see a various species of coral and sea life that include moray eels, parrot fish, nurse sharks, stingrays and the occasional manatee.

Scuba Dive Dominican offers a long list  of dive sites to choose from. Whether we leave from our beach or take a quick drive to Uvero Alto or Cap Cana, our divemasters know of all of the sites and know which sites will be best on any given day. This is especially important to divers who plan on doing several dives during their stay here in Punta Cana.

We will work with you to develop individual itineraries to ensure you get to see your desired dive sites. Our dive guides have been navigating the waters for over a decade.  This experience above and below the water is invaluable as they understand what effects the conditions.


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Uvero Alto North

Cap Cana South

1. Macao Cave (10m)
2. Astron Wreck (12m)
3. Coral Garden (14m)
4. El Tunel (12m)
5. Rondana (12m)
6. Batato (12m)
7. Manolo (10m)
8. Shallow (5m)

9. Bottom Up Wreck (18m)
10. Channel (12m)
11. Park Reef (14m)
12. Numero Uno (21m)
13. El Nino (6m)
14. El Ancia (14m)
15. Deep Blue (30m)
16. Monica Wreck (11m)

17. Big City (12m)
18. The Roof (15m)
19. Park Reef (14m)
20. East Point (20m)
21. The Wall (25m)
22. Patricia Wreck (18m)
23. Punta Cana Reef (12m)

Dive Sites of Interest