Learn To Dive In The Dominican Republic
Beginner Level Courses
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Bubble Maker

Our Bubble Maker program is designed for kids who are 8 years and up who want to get started with scuba diving. Your child will get to spend 2 hours in the pool with an instructor learning and developing essential scuba skills.



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Discover Scuba

Our Discover Scuba program is designed to give you a look into the world underwater. This is a non-certification course where you watch a quick video, spend an hour in the pool with an instructor, and then complete an exploratory dive with your instructor.


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Scuba Diver

The scuba diver program is a quick introduction to diving and offers a lot of the knowledge that you require, but is not a full open water certification. Most people who know they want to become involved in scuba diving skip this and proceed to their Open Water Scuba Certification.

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Recreational Level Courses

Open Water Diver

Our Open Water Diver course is your passport into the world of scuba diving. This course which takes a minimum or 3 days to attain will teach you all of the knowledge and skills that you will need to dive all over the world!


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Adventure Diver

Our Adventure Diver Certification is meant to increase your knowledge with regards to certain aspects of scuba diving as well as to prepare you for different conditions and situations which you may encounter.


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Advanced Open Water

Our Advanced Open Water Certification will teach you 5 Specialties which include deep diving, underwater navigation, peak performance buoyancy, as well as two specialties of your choice. This is a great course for learning new skills while getting lots of diving in as well.

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Advanced and Pro Level Courses

Emergency EFR/First Aid

This is land based training which doesn’t include any dives. This is a first aid and first response class which helps teach you diving specific first aid and first response steps to take should you encounter an emergency. This is a requirement for the Rescue Diver Certification.

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Rescue Diver

Our Rescue Diver program takes place over a minimum of 3 days and covers classroom work, pool sessions, as well as rescue scenarios in the ocean. This is an excellent certification to reach if you intend to do a lot of diving and want to be the best possible dive buddy.


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The Divemaster Course is the entry level into the world of professional scuba diving. Once attaining your divemaster certification you will be qualified to lead dives as well as assist in some aspects of training divers at any PADI dive center around the world. This course takes a minimum of 7 Days.

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Get Back Into Diving

Upgrade From Discover Scuba – Open Water

This course takes a minimum of 2 days and is for those who have completed a discovery scuba program with us while visiting the Dominican. This course will earn you your Open Water Diver Certification.

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We offer a refresher course for scuba divers who hold their Open Water certification but who have not been actively scuba diving for a period of time. This is a great way to regain your confidence with the different scuba diving skills in a pool setting.

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Scuba Tune Up

This is the same as the refresher course, but it also has a book session to ensure that you have all of the necessary knowledge to be a safe and confident diver while enjoying the waters of the Dominican Republic.

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