Peñon 1,2,3

Peñon means rock and is named after the rocks on the side walls. Here you can find one of the best dive sites of the Dominican Republic. It is further away than our local dive sites, but it is worth it! The boat ride itself is beautiful and will take about 40 minutes. There are…


Dominicus Reef

An awesome dive site with beautiful corals and marine life to look at. It is part of the same reef that goes from Viva Shallow and continues along the coast all the way to El Peñon and Piscina Natural.

Viva Shallow Reef

This is a perfect dive site for beginners, photographers and night dives, well protected from the boat traffic above by buoys. Unbelievable site with stingrays, eels, lobsters and octopuses.

Atlantic Princess Wreck

The reef around the wreck also has a lot of things to see. From lion fishes to small crabs and small stingrays, everything is there.

St. George Wreck

In June 1999 the ship was sunk about 800 m / half mile off the Viva Dominicus beach. It’s a great artificial reef, home to schools of many different fish. More experienced divers are swimming through St George wreck to explore it inside out. Many times this wreck dive is one of the dives for…


Monica Wreck

This sunken ship named Monica offers an interesting underwater journey to the past . Monica was a wooden boat that which was transporting different tools to the sugar plantation. Unfortunately, because of the strong storm the boat has sunk and remained underwater until today. Wooden parts of the boat are not in good conditions, but…


El Nino

Despite this dive being one of the shallowest comparing to others, El Niño impresses with lots of wonderful schools of tropical fish, beautiful reefs, pure and crystal clear waters, famous for their great visibility.  Maximum depth is 20ft/7m


Discover many small caves and canyons, illuminated by sunlight! Swimming between them you can see smooth brain corals, fan corals, yellow tail snapper, parrot fish, beef and balloon fish, trumpet fish and cleaner shrimps.


Rondana Reef is a wonderful dive site with the maximum depth of 14m/46ft and a great variety of different coral alleys, rocks and reefs. Among the coral species the main ones here are elkhorn and pillar corals. The site is inhabited by various kinds of creatures such as moray eels, lobsters, crabs, yellow tails, eagle…


Coral Garden

Beautiful reef, with many colors present here thanks to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Located only 5 minutes by boat from the beach is suitable for divers of all levels. Here you will see beautiful sponges, fans corals, brain coral, coral leaves, which create a perfect environment for its inhabitants.…