Scuba Diving in Bayhibe, Dominican Republic is an excellent way to spend your vacation. The Bayhibe area is a short 45 minute drive from the Scuba Dive Dominican Dive Shop that offers an additional 27 dive sites. Some which you can dive on a standard day of diving. Others such as those surrounding Catalina Island and Sanoa Island which are done as part of an Excursion. The dive sites around Bayhibe range in depth from 10 feet (Bayhibe Reef) all the way down to the St George Wreck which lies in 131 feet of water.

The conditions for scuba diving around Bayhibe are quite often very good as far as visibility, calmness of the sea, as well as water temperature. There is also a wide variety of marine life and very healthy coral reef structures.


1. El Aquario: 11-12m (36-39ft)
2. Wall 20-25m (66-82ft)
3. La Playita 12-19m (39-62ft)
4. Manny 9m (27ft)
5. Bayahibe Reef 3m (10ft)
6. Atlantic Princess 9m (25ft)
7. Viva Roca 10m (33 ft)
8. Viva Shallow 6m (20ft)
9. Dominicus Reef 14m (46ft)

10. Coca Wreck 18m (56ft)
11. St George Wreck 40m (131ft)
12. El Faro 14m (46ft)
13. Guaraguao 1 14m (46ft)
14. Guaraguao 2 14m (46ft)
15. Guaraguao Profundo 25m (82ft)
16. Dos Cocos 14-22m (46-72ft)
17. La Tortuga 12-15m (39-49ft)
18. El Aquario 2 12m (39ft)

19. El Penon 12m (39ft)
20. El Penon Profundo 25m (82ft)
21. El Canal 16-21m (52-69ft)
22. La Parguera 13-15m (43-49ft)
23. El Toro 20m (66ft)
24. Canon Reef 3-5m (10-15ft)
25. Shark Point 1 15-20m (49-66ft)
26. Shark Point 2 15-20m (49-66ft)
27. Stingray City 12-16m (39-52ft)